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Göppinger Theatertage. International Amateur Theatre. November, 2017. ALEMANIA

Domestic and foreign parties can apply for entry to the “Göppinger Theatertage 2017” with their plays, which can be both adult and youth theatre performances. The maximum playing time shouldn’t exceed 90 minutes.

Terms of participation
Domestic and foreign parties can apply for entry to the “Göppinger Theatertage 2017” with their plays, which can be both adult and youth theatre performances. The maximum playing time shouldn’t exceed 90 minutes. Invited parties ensure that all participants of their group or company members will be present at all performances and discussions for the whole duration of the Göppinger Theatertage (return journey not until Sunday, November 26, 2017). Participants of the Göppinger Theatertage have free admission to all performances. Invited parties will not be charged a fee. You personally agree to the publishing of photos taken during the festival. The photos will be used for the homepage of the "Göppinger Theatertage" and for printed products.

Accomodation and boarding
The participating parties, as far as they do not come from the district of Göppingen, will be accommodated at the “Arthotel ANA Momentum Göppingen” free of charge. All participants will get full boarding without any charge.

Travel allowance
In substantiated cases groups can apply for travel allowances. Anestimate of costs has to be submitted.

 It will be played on following stage:
Altes E-Werk/former electricity plant: stage:
width 9 m , depth 6 m (extension possible), max 200 audience.

Closing date for applications is April 30, 2017. Prerequisite for  participation in the selecti on processis to send back the attached form including all application documents . After April 30, 2017 the artistic directors and organisers will create the programme . At the beginning of June applicants will be notified of the jury decision. Application forms are available  via Internet as well: www.landkreis-goeppingen.de under the heading “Freizeit & Tourismus”. You can find more inform ation here: www.goeppinger-theatertage.de Promotional award
Every year at the beginning of the “Göppinger Theatertage” the management and artistic direction will grant a € 2.500 promotional award, donated by the Kreissparkasse Göppingen. This prize will not be awarded for an individual staging or an individual performance. It will rather be given to a party that has managed to develop their theatre concept on a long-term basis, in both unique and manifold ways.

Artistic Directors
Uwe Wittmann, Ralf Rummel

Organisation and Enquiries
Landratsamt Göppingen – Kreisjugendamt Postfach 809, D-73008 Göppingen Telefax +497161.202-649
Anne Jehle +497161/202-9730 a.jehle@landkreis-goeppingen.de   
Gülsah Özsoy +497161/202-652 g.oezsoy@landkreis-goeppingen.de  
Sandra Sperrfechter +497161/202-621 s.sperrfechter@landkreis-goeppingen.de 

Kreis jugendamt Göppingen in cooperation with “Freundeskreis Göppinger Theatertage”

People are making theatre.
They do this for certain reasons, for themselves and for the others.

People are making theatre.
They find their special ways to do this, depending on their personal places, stories, biographies, experiences, wishes and desires.

People are making theatre.
They do this in different ways. That means a variety of aspects and forms, a variety of reasons. The “Göppinger Theatertage” is a festival for different forms of theatre. And that makes our festivals so fascinating.

We meet in Göppigen to experience the interaction between script, artistic direction, stage production and the audience. How does your play work, how does it differ from others and what message does it bring across? The “Göppinger Theatertage” is a kind of theatre conference that covers these issues.

Ten to twelve groups will be our guests from November 22 to 26 this year (2017), presenting their latest productions. We watch all the performances and talk about our observations, feelings and experiences evoked by your plays. That’s why it’s so important to be present for the whole duration of the theatre festival.

We would like to invite you to apply for the “47th Göppinger Theatertage“! You can do so by sending information about your group and a detailed documentation of a current production. Or, if you are currently working on a production that will be performed after the closing date for applications, you can send us your company’s first reflections and concept of the unfinished play. If you are applying for the first time, please enter information of earlier productions as well.
Guests that wish to join the festival as observers are always welcome.

The joy of live theatre - on and off the stage - and the different forms of theater art happening right in front of us make our festival so special and magical. We look forward to spending four days in Göppingen filled with concentrated passion for theatre! Passion for your own individual theatre and passion for other people’s theatre contributions.

Theatre is, what we make of it.

With kind regards
Ralf Rummel, Uwe Wittmann
Anne Jehle, Gülsah Özsoy, Sandra Sperrfechter

Artistic Directors and Managers

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